Laser Micro Drilling

Micro-drilling is becoming more and more important in the semiconductor, electronics, panel and medical industries.
And laser drilling is replacing traditional drilling processes to support many applications, from through-hole drilling of silicon wafers and SiC in the semiconductor industry, to through-hole drilling in high-performance solar cells, and through-hole drilling in the Printed circuit board industry . Laser technology has advanced in drilling hole production due to non-contact processing, precise metering of energy input, minimal heat transfer to the material, precision and repeatability.

Laser Micro-drilling refers to the use of laser sources (e.g., excimer, ultrashort pulse femtosecond, fiber, diode-pumped solid-state YAG) to create "deep" features on a sample from blind and via to via. Laser technology also provides additional flexibility for defining drill geometry. For example, micro-drilling with a high aspect ratio (the relationship between drill depth and drill diameter) or micro-drilling with a defined taper can be generated by changing the machining strategy during laser machining.

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