A new generation of compact air-cooled, excimer lasers, designed for low duty cycle applications


Extremely fast pulse rise-time and peak power density
Laser head volume < 3l
TMC (Total-Metal-Ceramic) vessel
Integrated vacuum pump & halogen filter
Totally air-cooled, active thermal management
RS-485, RS232, USB and fiber optic Interface for system integration
Flushable optics holder
Energy stabilization mode
Dynamic fan speed controls
Meets European CE-standard
RoHS compliance


Optimized 193 nm laser performance for LA-ICP-MS.
Similar technical parameters as the ATLEX-I.
Extremely fast pulse rise-time and peak power density.


Model ATLEX-300-FBG
Gas Medium ArF Units
Wavelength 193 nm
Max. Pulse Energy 1 12 mJ
Max. stab. Energy 10 mJ
Pulse Duration 2 5 ns
Beam Dimensions 2 (V x H) 4 x 6 mm
Beam Divergence 2 (V x H) 1 x 2 mrad
Energy Stability (standard deviation) < 3 %
Dimensions (L x W x H) 540 x 470 x 370 mm
Weight 60 kg
Cooling Air -
Power requirement 230 VAC / 6,3 A / 1 phase / 50-60 Hz -

All specifications are typical data and subject to change without notice due to product improvements.
1 Measured at low rep.rates; allow 10% reduction of output energy and power for laser equipped with stabilization mode.
2 Typical value, FWHM

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