High power femtosecond lasers

The aeroPULSE FS50 is a rugged high-power femtosecond laser. We have based it on our renowned photonic crystal fiber platform for demanding 24/7 OEM and academic applications.

This high-performance OEM fiber laser uses state-of-the-art mode-locking technology to deliver ultra-short femtosecond pulses with outstanding long-term stability, superior pulse-to-pulse stability, low noise, and excellent beam pointing stability.




Average power >50W @1030nm
Average pulse energy >40μJ @1030nm
Average power 25W @515nm w/SHG
Average pulse energy >20μJ @515nm w/SHG
Available pulse widths <500 - 3 ps
Up to 50 MHz repetition rate
Excellent beam pointing stability
Programmable amplifier burst control
Based on world leading photonic crystal fiber technology
Designed for industrial reliability
System monitoring via remote diagnostics
Plug and Play
Maintenance-free 24/7 operation


Thin film cutting
Glass cutting
Stent manufacture
Medical device fabrication
IC package cutting
OPA Pumping
Femtosecond materials processing



Model FS50 FS50-05 Unit
Center wavelength  1030±5 515±2 nm 
Power >50    >25 W
Pulse duration <450 – 3000 <500 fs
Pulse energy >40 (up to 1.25 MHz) >20 (up to 1.25 MHz) µJ
Repetition rate1) 0.75 – 2 MHz
Repetition rate with output AOM S.S. – 2 MHz
Beam diameter 2.0±0.5 mm
Spatial mode, fundamental M2 ≤ 1.3  
Beam asymmetry/ellipticity <15 <20 %
Power stability (50 hours), RMS <0.5 <1 %
Pointing stability (8 hours) <50 µrad
Polarization - linear, PER >20 dB

1) High repetition rates available upon request.

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