Industrial Ultrafast Laser

aeroPULSE FS50

Industrial Femtosecond Laser

50 W at 1030 nm
> 40 µJ max pulse energy
< 450 fs – 3 ps
Repetition rate 0.75-2 MHz
M2 ≤ 1.3


Average power >50W @1030nm
Average pulse energy >40μJ @1030nm
Average power 25W @515nm w/SHG
Average pulse energy >20μJ @515nm w/SHG
Average power >12.5W @343nm
Average pulse energy >10μJ @343nm
Available pulse widths <500 - 3 ps
Up to 50 MHz repetition rate
Excellent beam pointing stability
Programmable amplifier burst control
Based on world leading photonic crystal fiber technology
Designed for industrial reliability
System monitoring via remote diagnostics
Plug and Play
Maintenance-free 24/7 operation
Attachable second harmonic module
All aeroPULSE lasers are completely maintenance-free and have an expected lifetime of more than 20,000 hours.


Thin film cutting
Glass cutting
Stent manufacture
Medical device fabrication
IC package cutting
OPA Pumping
Femtosecond materials processing


Main Specifications
Wavelength 1030 ± 5 nm
Pulse Repetition Rate (PRR) 750 kHz – 2 MHz
Power > 50 W 
Pulse duration [fs] < 450 – 3000
Pulse energy [µJ] > 40 (up to 1.25 MHz)
Repetition rate [MHz]  0.75 – 2
Repetition rate with output AOM [MHz] S.S. – 2
Beam diameter [mm] 2.0 ± 0.5
Spatial mode, fundamental M2 ≤ 1.3
Physical Characteristics
Laser head (W × L × H) 647.5 x 142 x 350 mm
Control unit dimensions (W × L × H) 442 x 168.5 x 374 mm
Operating Rrquirements
Mains requirements 100~240 V AC, single phase, 50/60 Hz
Operating ambient temperature 18~27 °C
Relative humidity 10~80 % (non-condensing)
Air contamination level ISO 9 (room air) or better

*Due to continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.

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