UltraFlux Custom
High Intensity Systems

UltraFlux Custom

Multi TW Few cycle OPCPA systems

> 15 TW peak power
sub-8 fs pulse duration
1 kHz repetition rate
> 120 mJ output energy
> 120 W average power


Driven by low maintenance cost diode-pumped and industry-tested Yb:KGW and Nd:YAG lasers running at 1 kHz repetition rate
> 120 W average power combined with > 15 TW peak power, along with sub-250 mrad carrier-envelope phase stability (CEP) and sub-8 fs pulse duration at a center wavelength of 900 nm
Despite its unique set of specifications, it is still a table-top system
Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) – free, passively CEP stabilized pulses have excellent stability of output parameters over 24 hours of continuous operation
A sophisticated self-diagnostic system allows hands-free operation and output specification stability all day long without operator intervention


Broadband CARS and SFG
Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy
Nonlinear spectroscopy
High harmonic generation
Wake field particle acceleration
X-ray generation

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