UltraFlux HR series
High Intensity Systems Tunable Wavelength

UltraFlux HR series

High Repetition Rate Tunable Wavelength Femtosecond OPCPA Systems

Tunable wavelength femtosecond OPCPA system
750-960 nm, 375-480 nm, 250-320 nm and 210-230 nm tuning ranges
Up to 14 mJ pulse energy at 1 kHz repetition rate
Perfectly synchronized fs and ps outputs option


Based on the novel OPCPA (Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification) technology
Up to 3 μJ/pulse and 10 μJ/burst (at 1030 nm)
Excellent pulse energy stability: ≤ 1 % RMS
Up to 14 mJ pulse energy at 1 kHz repetition rate
Hands free wavelength tuning
Patented front-end design (patents no. EP2827461 and EP2924500)
Excellent long-term average power stability: ≤1.5 % RMS over 8-hour period
Perfectly synchronized fs and ps output option
High contrast pulses without any additional improvement equipment


Broadband CARS and SFG
Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy
Nonlinear spectroscopy
High harmonic generation

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