PGx01 Series

High Energy Broadly Tunable Picosecond OPA

High energy picosecond OPA
Ultra-broad tuning from 193 to 16000 nm
Up to 1 mJ in VIS
50 Hz repetition rate


Ultra-wide spectral range from 193 to 16000 nm
High peak power (>50 MW) ideal for non-linear spectroscopy applications
Narrow linewidth <6 cm-1; (for UV < 9 cm-1)
Motorized hands-free tuning in 193 – 2300 nm or 2300 – 16000 nm range
PC control
Remote control via keypad


Nonlinear spectroscopy: vibrational-SFG, surface-SH, CARS, Z-scan
Pump-probe experiments
Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF)
Other laser spectroscopy applications

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