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Ultrafast Lasers Micromachined Films

FAMous-Drilling Machine

Flexible panel processing

FAMous is designed to provide micromachined films fabrication with an excellent quality and a high throughput, which can be applied to the solution of the flexible panel processing. According to customers' requests, generally, the machining quality, including the cutting width, crater, burr and HAZ, will be the dominant factor for the product processings.
Furthermore, the takt time is definitely a crucial criterion for a laser processing machine.

Laser Drilling Features

Round, square and other hole shapes capability
Hole taper control (positive, negative and zero taper)
Precise control of hole depth ≤ 5 μm
Smooth inner wall (Ra ≤ 1 μm)

Possible Machined Materials

Polyimide (PI)
Polyester (PET)
Metal Foil
Organic Film
Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)
Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP)
Glass-reinforced laminates (e.g. FR-4, BT, RT Duroid)
Coverlay (Polyimide + Adhesive)
Copper-clad polyimide laminates with adhesive
Any material with thickness smaller than 0.5 mm is also possible

Related Applications

Thin-film panel cutting.
PI substrate lift-off from glass (Laser Lift-Off, LLO).
Glass cutting (breaking) without damages of bottom film and/or metal circuit.
Film half-cutting without damages of bottom film and/or metal circuit.
Periodic microstructure
Direct laser engraving of flexographic plates and cylinders
Sub-surface laser engraving (SSLE)8. Direct photopolymer laser imaging



Model 1-D Ablation for Cutting
Takt Time > 300 mm/s
Thickness < 100 μm
Line Width < 10 μm
Crater Height < 1 μm
HAZ < 10 μm
Model 2-D Ablation for Laser Lift-Off (LLO)
Takt Time >600 mm2/s
Thickness PI
Line Width glass, sapphire, etc
Crater Height < 1 μm
HAZ PI with a high transmittance after LLO
Model 2-D Ablation for Other Applications
Takt Time >1 mm3/s
Thickness < 10 μm
Line Width < 1 degree
Crater Height < 1 μm
HAZ < 50 μm

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