NT340 Series

High Energy Broadly Tunable Lasers

Integrated OPO system
High energy
Ultrabroad tuning range from 192 to 4400 nm
Up to 90 mJ in VIS
Up to 20 Hz repetition rate


Hands-free no gap wavelength tuning from 192 to 4400 nm
Up to 90 mJ pulse energy in visible spectral range
Up to 15 mJ pulse energy in UV spectral range
Up to 20 mJ pulse energy in MIR spectral range
3 – 5 ns pulse duration
Up to 20 Hz pulse repetition rate
Remote control via key pad or PC
Optional separate shared output port for 532/1064 nm beam (separate output port for the 355 nm beam is standard)
Hermetically sealed oscillator cavity protects non-linear crystals from dust and humidity


The system is widely tunable 192 – 2600 nm and delivers high pulse energy (up to 90 mJ) that allows the investigation of an extensive range of materials
Up to 18 μm customization possibility enables studies of IR vibrations of molecules
Narrow linewidth (down to 3 cm⁻¹) and superior tuning resolution (1 – 2 cm⁻¹) allows recording of high quality spectra
Flashlamps replacement without misalignment of the laser cavity saves on maintenance costs
High integration level saves valuable space in the laboratory
In-house design and manufacturing of complete systems, including pump lasers, guarantees on-time warranty and post warranty services and spares supply
Variety of control interfaces: USB, RS232 and optional LAN, WLAN ensures easy control and integration with other equipment
Attenuator and fiber coupling options facilitate incorporation of NT340 systems into various experimental environments


Laser-induced fluorescence
Flash photolysis
Remote sensing
Time-resolved spectroscopy
Non-linear spectroscopy
Vibrational spectroscopy
Cavity ring-down CRDS, cavity ring-down laser absorption CRLAS spectroscopy
Infrared spectroscopy
Gas spectroscopy

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