Tunable Wavelength

PGx11 Series

Transform Limited Broadly Tunable Picosecond OPA

2 cm-1 or 1 cm-1 linewidth
Tuning range from 193 to 16000 nm
Up to 0.7 mJ in VIS
Up to 1 kHz repetition rate


2 cm-1 or 1 cm-1 linewidth
High brightness picosecond pulses at 50 Hz or at up to 1 kHz pulse repetition rate
Nearly Fourier-transform limited linewidth
Low divergence <2 mrad
Hands-free wavelength tuning
Tuning range from 193 nm to 16000 nm
PC control
Remote control via keypad


Time resolved pump-probe spectroscopy
Laser-induced fluorescence
Infrared spectroscopy
Nonlinear spectroscopy: vibrational-SFG, surface-SH, Z-scan, pump probe
Other laser spectroscopy applications

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