NL300 Series

Compact Flash-lamp Pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG Lasers

Compact high energy nanosecond lasers
Up to 1000 mJ
Up to 213 nm harmonics modules
Motorized attenuators
5 – 20 Hz pulse repetition rates


Rugged sealed laser cavity
Up to 1000 mJ pulse energy
Better than 1 % StDev pulse energy stability
5 – 20 Hz pulse repetition rate
3 – 6 ns pulse duration
Thermo stabilized second, third, fourth and fifth harmonic generator modules
Optional attenuators for fundamental and/or harmonic wavelengths
Water-to-water or water-to-air cooling options
Replacement of flashlamps without misalignment of laser cavity
Remote control via keypad and/or RS232/USB port


High pulse energy (up to 1 J at 1064 nm, 450 mJ at 355 nm) ensures strong interaction with material which is excellent for LIBS and material ablation applications
Cost-effective, single-cavity design with no amplifiers for easy alignment, high reliability and low maintenance costs
Small size saves valuable space in the laboratory room
Fast flashlamp replacement without realignment of laser cavity ensures easy maintenance
Air cooling enables simple installation, easy operation and low maintenance costs
Variety of interfaces: USB, RS232, optional LAN and WLAN ensures easy integration with other equipment


Material ablation
LIBS (Light Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)
OPO pumping
Remote Sensing
LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging)
Mass Spectroscopy
LIF (Light Induced Fluorescence)

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