Industrial Ultrafast Laser

NL230 Series

High Energy Q-switched DPSS Nd:YAG Lasers

Compact high energy and repetition rate nanosecond lasers
Up to 190 mJ energy
Up to 100 Hz repetition rate
Pulse duration in the 3 – 6 ns range


Rugged sealed laser cavity
Up to 190 mJ at 1064 nm pulse energy
Up to 100 Hz pulse repetition rate
Short pulse duration in the 3 – 6 ns range
Variable reflectivity output coupler for low-divergence beam
Quiet operation: no more flashlamp firing sound
Remote control via keypad and/or any controller running on any OS using REST API commands
Optional temperature-stabilized second and third harmonic generators
Electromechanical shutter (optional)
Easy replaceable output window


Short duration 3 – 6 ns pulses ensures strong interaction with material, are highly suitable for LIBS
User selectable wavelength single axis output is superior for experiments, where alternating wavelengths are required, like material ablation, LIBS
Rugged, monolithic design enables laser usage in hash environment
Diode pumped design provides quiet operation, eliminates the irritation of flash light
Variety of interfaces USB, RS232, LAN, WLAN ensures easy control and integration with other equipment


LIBS (Light Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)
Material ablation
OPO pumping
Remote Sensing
LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging)
Mass Spectroscopy
LIF (Light Induced Fluorescence)

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