Fiber Recoaters-PTR304B


Manual Mold Assembly
Manual Recoat Injector
100 mm Max Fiber Recoat Length


Compatible with Mold Assemblies for Coating Diameters of 280 µm, 430 µm, or 600 µm
50 mm or 100 mm Maximum Recoat Length
Compatible with High- and Low-Index Recoat Material
Ideal for Low-Volume Manufacturing and R&D


Fiber Recoaters with UV Curing LEDs PTR304B
Recoater Type Manual
Recoater Mold Hinged Split Quartz Plates
Recoat Diameter (a) 280 µm, 430 µm, or 600 µm (b)
Maximum Recoat Length 50 mm
Recoat Material High- or Low-Index
UV Curable Acrylate
UV/Thermal Source Four 10 W Halogen Lamps
Recoat Injection Manual
Recoat Volume Manual
Recoat Injection Rate Manual
Lamp Delay Time (c) 5 s (Typical)
Cure Time (c) 17 s (Typical)
Mold Cleaning Requirement (d) After Every Recoat
Total Cycle Time 60 s (Typical)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 10.14" × 5.30" × 7.17"
(257.4 mm × 134.6 mm × 182.2 mm)
AC Power 110 - 120 V / 200 - 240 V, 47-63 Hz
Controller Type Handset

(a) Custom sizes available.

(b) Depends on the Mold Assembly.

(c) Programmable with the Controller; Mold Size and Recoat Material Dependent.

(d) The mold should be cleaned with either acetone or isopropyl alcohol, applied with a cotton swab. If the mold has an accumulation of cured material stuck on the plates, allow the cleaning solution (preferably acetone) about 60 - 90 seconds to soften and lift the material from the surface.

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