PL2210 Series

Diode Pumped Picosecond kHz Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers

Diode pumped solid state design
Up to 5 mJ
20 – 80 ps pulses
1 kHz pulse repetition rate


High pulse energy at kHz rates
Diode pumped solid state design
Air cooled – external water supply is not required (for PL2210A-1k only)
Turn-key operation
Motorized hands-free tuning
Low maintenance costs
PC control
Optional streak camera triggering pulse with <10 ps rms jitter
Remote control pad
Optional temperature stabilized second, third and fourth harmonic generators


Time resolved fluorescence (including streak camera measurements), pump-probe spectroscopy
Other spectroscopic and nonlinear optics applications
OPG/OPA/OPO pumping
Remote Laser Sensing

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