NL200 Series

Compact Q-switched DPSS Lasers

Compact high repetition rate nanosecond lasers
Up to 4 mJ energy
Up to 2500 Hz variable repetition rate
Close to TEM00 beam profile
Up to 213 nm harmonics modules


Up to 4 mJ pulse energy at 1064 nm
Up to 2500 Hz variable repetition rate
532 nm, 355 nm, 266 nm, 213 nm wavelengths as standard options
< 10 ns pulse duration at 1064 nm
Electro-optical Q-switching
Turn-key operation
Rugged sealed cavity
Compact size
Simple and robust
Air cooled
External TTL triggering
Remote control via keypad and/or any controller running on any OS using REST API commands


Continuous tuning of repetition rate while maintaining constant pulse energy, superior beam pointing and energy stability make the laser the first choice for micromachining, marking, thin film removing applications
Close to Gaussian smooth beam profile with low value M² < 1.3 and good focusability is beneficial for such applications, as LCD and OLED display repair
Compactness and lightness make a laser easy transportable, saves on valuable laboratory space
Fast wavelength selection is superior for applications where alternating wavelengths are required, like material ablation, LIBS
Air cooling, cheap and reliable end-pumping technology, amplifiers free DPSS design guarantee easy operation and alignment of laser, simple installation and low life-time ownership cost
Variety of control interfaces USB, RS232, LAN, WLAN ensure easy control and integration of laser with laboratory or OEM equipment


Material processing
LCD and OLED display panel repair
Laser deposition
Laser cleaning
Ablation / Spectroscopy / OPO pumping / Remote sensing

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