Corona Fiber Lasers

6kW cutting speeds, 90μm


Programmable beam quality for more efficient metal processing

The CFX-5000 utilizes a unique all-fiber beam tuning capability to give end users thin sheet cutting speeds characteristic of a 6kW fiber laser, along with excellent thick metal edge quality similar to a CO2 laser, without the need to change any optics. This increase in performance allows job shops to get the productivity benefits of a 6kW with the lower costs of ownership a 5kW laser provides.

End users get the best of all worlds—the speed of high-power fiber lasers for thin metal processing, the quality of CO2 lasers for thick metal cutting, plus the high uptime and lower operating costs of a fiber laser solution. The CFX-5000 lowers the cost of ownership, increases productivity, and expands a job shop’s capability.


5kW with Cutting Speeds of a 6kW

Get all the productivity benefits of a 6kW with the lower cost of ownership of a 5kW.


Optimized Tuning of Beam Size and Shape

Maintains fiber laser performance, stability, efficiency, and reliability with spot sizes from 90um to 300um and beam shapes from top-hat to donut mode.

Rapid Beam Switching

Beam adjustments in less than 30 ms allows for real-time optimization of each process step while maintaining full power operation to maximize productivity.

Back-Reflection Protection

Hardware-based back-reflection protection allows processing of even the most reflective metals with no interruptions or damage to the laser.

Breakthrough Integrated Beam Shaping

All-fiber solution avoids free-space optics, zoom process heads, and external fiber-to-fiber couplers providing reliable maintenance-free operation.

Unparalleled Serviceability

Modular design simplifies repairs maximizing uptime.



Models Corona CFX-5000
Optical Specifications
Mode of Operation CW/Modulated
Polarization Random
Maximum Average Power, CW 5kW
Power Tunability 5 – 100%
Power Variation, 8-Hour ≤ 1%
Modulation Frequency ≤ 20kHz
Rise and Fall Times ≤ 10μs
Beam Quality Programmable
Wavelength 1070±10nm
Electrical Specifications
Supply Voltage 380 – 480VAC 3P+PE, 50/60Hz
Control Interfaces, Standard External hardware control, analog power control,
analog monitors, Ethernet control, GUI, and API
Control Interfaces, Optional EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profinet, Profibus
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H) 685 x 800 x 560mm
Optical Fiber 20m, QBH connector standard
Cooling Method Water
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature (1) +10 to +40°C
Storage Temperature -10 to +60°C
Relative Humidity 10 to 80%

(1) Non-condensing or with use of CDA.

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