AO Series

AO Series

High-Power, Very High Brightness Blue Lasers

NUBURU first-generation AO® products introduced defect-free, spatter-free copper welding to metal processing applications. The second-generation AI™ product line incorporates NUBURU world-leading proprietary blue laser technology in a high-power, very high brightness compact package with scanning capability. The AI product line brings the qualitative advantages of the blue laser to a wider range of industrial applications, while also enabling processing speeds anywhere from two times to more than twenty times faster than current infrared lasers.


Blue dramatically improves or enables impossible process windows with IR
Blue wavelength is superior to green even at equal power
  • SPATTER FREE™ welding process
  • Conduction mode weld in yellow metals


Welding: Lithium-ion Battery, Electronics Packaging, Consumer Electronics, PV, Automotive Interconnects, Cu–Au-Al–Ni–SS and Others
Cladding, Brazing, LMD
Additive Manufacturing
Solid State Laser Pumping (Ti:Sapphire–Alexandrite…)
Projection Display



Optical Units AO-200 Typical AO-650 Typical
Wavelength nm ~450 ~450
Bandwidth nm ~10 ~10
Output Power W 200 650
Power Adjustment % 0 - 100 Automated Power Control Mode
Power Stability (8 hours) % < 3% at full power < 3% at full power
Fiber Diameter (Core) μm 200 400
Fiber Numerical Aperture NA 0.22 0.22
Beam Product Parameter mm-mrad < 15 < 30
Standard Fiber Length - Connector Type m 5 - QBH 5 - QBH
Electrical Units AO-200 Typical AO-650 Typical
Operating Current A 6 < 20
Operating Voltage V 200-240 (50/60Hz single Φ) 200-240 (50/60Hz single Φ)
External Control Inputs
Laser Enable (High on) V +5 +5/+24
CW Analog Control V 0-10 0-10
Modulation kZ 50 0.5
TTL Control (Pulse line) V +5 +5
Communications - RS-232 Ethernet
Safety Interlocks
Interlock Voltage (Laser Enable) V 24 24
Open Circuit (Laser Shut-down) V 0 0
Mechanical Units AO-200 Typical AO-650 Typical
Height mm(inches) 129.5(5.1) 600(23.6)
Width mm(inches) 443(17.5) 610(24)
Depth mm(inches) 640(25.2) 975(38.4)
Weight Kg (Lbs.) 28(62) 150(330)
IP Rating - NEMA 12 IP 52/NEMA 12
Operating Conditions Units AO-200 Typical AO-650 Typical
Temperature Degrees °C 20-30 20-30
Relative Humidity % 0-90 0-90
Storage and Transport (2) Units AO-200 Typical AO-650 Typical
Shock (3 axis, 11 ms) g ± 2 ± 2
Vibration, MIL_STD-810 G - T-43A (737) T-43A (737)
Temperature Degrees °C -10 to +60 -10 to +60
Cooling (1) Units AO-200 Typical AO-650 Typical
Heat Load kW 0.9 4
Min Flow Rate Lpm/gpm 7.7/2.0 26/6.9
Supply Temperature Range Degrees °C 22-25 22-25
Max Pressure Range Bar / psi 5.5/80 5.5/80

(1) Non condensing

(2) Unit must be drained and purged with clean dry air prior to storage

*The user assumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connection with use of this product or its application

*Contact NUBURU for all requirements

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