Femtosecond Erbium Laser-ELMO 780

ELMO 780

Femtosecond Erbium Laser
Ultrafast OEM Laser for Terahertz Generation

Wavelength: 780 nm
Average Power: >140 mW
Pulse Duration: <100 fs
Repetition Rate: 100 MHz

Smallest footprint on the market optimized for OEM integration


High Stability
Low Amplitude and Phase Noise
All-PM Solution
Single Mode-Lock State
Menlo figure 9® Technology, Laser Output in Less than 60 Seconds
Repetition Rate 50-100 MHz
Smallest Footprint, No additional laser driver required


Amplifier seeding
Terahertz generation & terahertz physics
2-Photon polymerization and 3D printing
Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Multi-Photon Excitation


Item ELMO 780 ELMO 780 High Power
Central Wavelength 780 nm ±10 nm 780 nm ±10 nm
Average Power > 75 mW (typ. 85 mW) > 140 mW (typ. 165 mW)
Pulse Width < 100 fs (typ. 85 fs)
Output Port free space
Polarization linear, p-polarized **
Dispersion Management pigtailed and versatile SHG module with up to 0.5 m optical fiber supply *
Repetition Rate * 100 MHz (50-100 MHz with VARIO)
Output Port at 1560 nm ***
Switchable 780 nm/1560 nm
fiber coupled, 1560 nm, >180 mW (typ. 210 mW), < 70 fs (typ. 50 fs) after up to 0.8 m
detachable polarization maintaining patch cord
2nd Fiber-Coupled Seed Port yes
2nd High Power Output Port available with MULTIBRANCH

* Please inquire for your specific combinations of average power, pulse duration and repetition rate.

** The versatile handheld SHG module can also be mounted in s-polarized orientation.

*** Output wavelength changeable from 780 nm to 1560 nm with additional patch cord.

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