Femtosecond Erbium Laser-C-Fiber


Femtosecond Erbium Laser
Ultrafast Laser for Supercontinuum Generation

Wavelength: 1560 nm
Average Power: > 500 mW
Pulse Duration: <90 fs
Repetition Rate: 100 MHz


Lowest Amplitude and Phase Noise
Single Mode-Lock State with all PM solution
Multicolor output ports on request with arbitrary splitting ratios of output power
Repetition Rate 50-250 MHz
Large tuning range of the repetition rate with typically 400kHz @ 100MHz (Sync Option)
Complete synchronization solution available: laser + synchronization electronics (all components from one supplier) with full automation → hands off operation
Repetition rate synchronization at all frequencies
Instant amplitude control
Additional seed ports for later upgrade


Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Supercontinuum Generation
Material Characterization
Testing at Telecom Wavelengths


Item C-Fiber C-Fiber High Power
Central Wavelength 1560 nm ±20 nm 1560 nm ±20 nm
Average Power* > 100 mW > 500 mW
Pulse Energy* > 1.0 nJ > 5.0 nJ
Pulse Width < 90 fs
Repetition Rate 100 MHz (50-250 MHz with Vario)
Repetition Rate Instability < 1 ppm over 20 hours at constant temperature
Timing Jitter < 2 fs [rms, 10 kHz.. 1 MHz]
Output Port fiber-coupled (FC/APC) free space
Polarization linear, PM fiber linear, s-polarized
Beam Height   102 mm

*Please inquire for your specific combinations of average power, pulse duration and repetition rate.

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