High Resolution Shadow Imaging

High Resolution Shadow Imaging

High resolution imaging and special backlight illumination are the key components of the ParticleMaster Shadow system. As opposed to laser diffraction or interferometric methods shadowgraphy does not require transparent and spherical particles and, therefore, is a quite universal technique for comprehensive particle characterization.The ParticleMaster software package automatically identifies valid particles in an image series and calculates all particle properties with outstanding processing speed incl. statistical information in real-time.
Shadowgraphy can well be combined with other flow imaging methods like PIV or thermometry for use in multiphase flows.


Fuel sprays

Sensor Specifications

Phase Doppler Interferometer: PDI
Measured quantities droplet size and velocity
Drope size range 0.3 to 8000 µm
Size accuracy ±0.5 µm
Velocity range -600 - 1300 m/s
Velocity accuracy ±0.1%
Volume flux accuracy ±10%
Max data rate 100 kHz

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