Intensified Cameras

High-Speed Cameras

For imaging applications requiring higher frame rates CMOS cameras are the best choice. Modern sensor technology enables an ever increasing image recording speed with maximum frame rates up to 22 kHz for max sensor resolution or up to 600 kHz and more for reduced sensor resolution.

High-Speed IRO intensifier-1

In combination with DaVis LaVision’s PTU X supports even the most challenging recording sequences All our high-speed cameras are carefully tested for image quality, noise, and trigger capabilities often extending the manufacturers original specifications. Close cooperation with the main high-speed camera manufacturers guarantees outstanding performance.

High-Speed IRO intensifier-2

For high-speed imaging with maximum sensitivity the High-Speed IRO intensifier (HS-IRO) is attached in front of the CMOS high-speed camera. Lens coupling between intensifier and camera allows this modular upgrade with highest sensitivity and maximum image quality. The HS-IROs feature multi-stage amplification to override gain depletion in its micro-channel plate at higher frame rates.

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