FlameMaster Multifunctional Laser Imaging System

(Laser) Imaging in Flames

The FlameMaster Multifunctional system supports fuel, flame temperature and soot imaging applying the laser imaging techniques Tracer-LIF, Rayleigh Thermometry and LII.

For all laser imaging applications a pulsed, multi-wavelengths (532nm, 355nm, 266nm) Nd:YAG laser is the standard light source. Upgraded with a T-YAG Module (intra-cavity etalon) this laser also supports OH-LIF imaging. The software controlled laser shutter provides stable UV laser output and eye-safe operation during stand-by mode and opens the beam path only for image recording. The externally triggered Programmable Timing Unit (PTU X) synchronizes the laser pulse with the time-gated intensified camera (IRO).

Laser imaging applications in flames measured with the FlameMaster multifunctional system

FlameMaster multifunctional laser imaging system


Tunable Nd:YAG laser for OH-LIF imaging

The T-YAG Module is an upgrade option for Nd:YAG lasers which allows for OH-LIF measurements without the need of a dye-laser. The T-YAG Module effectively generates the proper excitation wavelength for OH-LIF directly from a frequency quadrupled Nd:YAG laser. The module retrofits a selected range of appropriate Nd:YAG lasers and can be installed as an upgrade option.

Combining the T-YAG Module capabilities for the detection of OH-LIF with the broadband excitation for LIF tracers such as acetone allows monitoring the mixture formation and the flame propagation at the same time.

UV Nd:YAG laser with T-YAG Module for simultaneous reaction zone and fuel imaging

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