*OPO, Pulse Diagnostics, Wavelength Conversion, Pulse Management, Acousto-Optics.
--A·P·E GmbH is a worldwide operating developer and manufacturer of instruments for the generation of ultrashort laser pulses with widely tunable wavelength as well as devices for pulse measurement and management. The company is one of the international market leaders in the field of Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPOs) and the diagnostics of ultrashort laser pulses. Beyond that, suitable accessories Pulse pickers, acousto-optics and devices for harmonic generation are part of the A·P·E product portfolio. A·P·E devices are used worldwide and can be found in almost all renowned research institutes and universities, the main field of application being basic research in physics, chemistry, biology and medical science. A·P·E devices are also increasingly used in industrial production and medical applications.-- Link to the official website

*Scientific lasers & systems, Industrial lasers, Laser spectroscopy, Optoelectronics, Ultrafast fiber lasers.
--EKSPLA is manufacturer of lasers, laser systems and laser components for R&D and industrial applications. Since its beginning, the company has aimed at production of high performance advanced solutions. New ideas, broad knowledge of its engineers and physicists coupled with skilled and experienced staff have made it possible to create an exclusive company. EKSPLA is member of Lithuanian photonics cluster and Baltics photonics cluster. Close cooperation with academic and industry partners enable to contribute to EU and international projects like OPTIX (an advanced system for detecting explosives in terrorist attack situations) and APPOLO (consortium for establishing and coordinating connections between the end-users and manufacturers).-- Link to the official website

*Femtoline Components, Nd:YAG Laser Line Components, Optical Components, Optical Systems, OEM DPSS ----Lasers&Diode Laser Modules, Opto-Mechanical Components, Pockels Cells and Drivers, Nonlinear and Laser Crystals.
--EKSMA OPTICS is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision optical components, optical systems, laser & nonlinear frequency conversion crystals, opto-mechanics and electro-optical Pockels cells with drivers used in lasers and other optical instruments. Starting its first activities in the world of lasers in 1983 The Company has been built on long term of expertise in the laser and optics fields. Our laser components are used across different laser and photonics applications in scientific, industry, medical and aesthetic, military and aerospace markets. The applications of the laser components offered by our company cover a wavelength spectrum from the UV (193 nm) through VIS to IR (20 μm) and at Terahertz (1-20 THz) ranges. EKSMA Optics polishing facility specializes in the processing and final polishing of flat optics made of BK7, UVFS, Infrasil, CaF2 and also DKDP, LBO, ZnGeP2 crystals whereas high quality precision polished faces are required for high power laser applications. All components provided by the Company are subject to high quality testing and certifications in Quality Control Laboratory. EKSMA OPTICS serves to provide flexible and technical solutions to varied laser components customers requirements, which can often be quite challenging and is most receptive to providing new products where necessary, meeting customer specific applications. The Company also actively participates in national and international Joint Research Projects. EKSMA OPTICS (legal company name Optolita UAB) is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Certification issued by Bureau Veritas.-- Link to the official website

*Robust continuous wave laser, few-cycle laser, GHz repetition rate short pulse laser, THz emitter and detector, THz measurement based on ASOPS technology.
--Laser Quantum was formed in the 1990s by three PhD physicists from the University of Manchester, England, Laser Quantum has grown into a company that is globally recognised for the quality, reliability and the scientific advances it brings to the photonics market. Since acquiring Gigaoptics GmbH and Venteon Laser Technology GmbH, Laser Quantum has been able to bring together the principles of robust design and leading ultrafast technology, resulting in unique GHz laser technology and ultra-short, few-cycle pulses and amplification. The company has a passion for the products and services we provide to our customers: We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative laser technologies that provide researchers with the tools they need to advance scientific knowledge and understanding and OEM manufacturers to improve the capability and reliability of their products. The great variation and individuality in specification required by the research community and the repeatability and service required by the industrial customer could be a source of conflict for some companies; however, at Laser Quantum, we have found that these two demands are the driving force behind our company: it is the excitement of product development that drives the future high volume lasers for industry with the quality expected by all users.-- Link to the official website

*Flow field analysis based on Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), combustion analysis, advanced spray visualization, particle sizing, remote and precise surface deformation and strain inspection, advanced camera systems for high speed applications, and ICOS fiber optical sensor systems.
--LaVision was founded in 1989 as a spin-off from Max Planck Institute and Laser Laboratory in Goettingen, Germany. LaVision cooperates with leading scientists, research institutions and companies around the globe. Among the major cooperation partners are the Laser Laboratory Goettingen, the University of Delft, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. LaVision offers standard and dedicated customer designed Laser Imaging Systems for reactive and non-reactive flow field analysis and fluid mechanics applications, Intelligent Imaging Systems for non-destructive material testing, a range of high-performance cameras (CCDs and intensified CCDs) and smart optical sensor systems. The LaVision team has extensive professional experience in Laser Imaging Spectroscopy and optical techniques such as Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy, Raman, Rayleigh and Mie Scattering, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Spray Analysis, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) techniques as well as ultra-fast time-resolved imaging and high-speed image recording.-- Link to the official website

*Yb:KGW femtosecond laser & OPA systems, Autocorrelators and spectrometers.
--UAB MGF "Sviesos konversija" (known as Light Conversion on international market) is the world leading manufacturer of continuously wavelength tunable ultrafast light sources based on TOPAS series of optical parametric amplifiers (OPA) and frequency mixers. Established in 1994, as a spin-off from Vilnius University Laser Research Center, the company has built its strength on profound knowledge in the field of optical parametric generation and amplification accumulated by its people in general and its leader Dr. Romualdas Danielius in particular. High qualification and experience of its specialists together with an early vision that ultrafast sources of tunable wavelength soon be a common extension of femtosecond and picosecond Ti:sapphire amplifiers allowed Light Conversion to offer the world market the most professional and innovative approach to development of commercial ultrafast optical parametric generators and amplifiers. Since very start in production and many years ahead of its competitors, Light Conversion "TOPAS" series of parametric amplifiers has offered numerous pioneering solutions such as very compact, non breadboard based construction, computer controlled wavelength tuning and vast flexibility in terms of input energy and pulse duration. Since then over 1000 of "TOPAS" series systems, many of those tailored to meet very specific customer requirements, have been installed worldwide. Starting from 2007 Light Conversion has introduced it's new development - PHAROS ultra short laser system. Featuring market-leading femtosecond pulse output parameters along with robust, industrial design PHAROS has gained significant attention of industrial and scientific customers. Primary applications of Light Conversion femtosecond laser are in material processing and micromachining. However coupled with ORPHEUS parametric amplifiers PHAROS becomes an attractive laser source for ultrafast spectroscopy applications. Light Conversion is a private company with >70 employees. The company is based in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The company's activities are mainly concentrated on the product development, manufacturing and service.-- Link to the official website

*CO2 lasers, excimer lasers, and optics.
--LightMachinery is dedicated to producing the world's finest lasers, optical components and optical process machinery. The people at LightMachinery are veterans of the laser and optics world. Each individual typically brings more than 20 years of experience in the areas of optical design, high power lasers, optical fabrication, laser systems, metrology, thin film coatings and custom machinery fabrication. We have produced components and equipment for customers throughout the world involved in space science, telecommunications, semiconductor, high power lasers, academic research, nondestructive testing, biophotonics, electronics, pharmaceutical manufacturing and materials processing.-- Link to the official website

*CW narrow linewidth Ti Sapphire laser system, harmonic generation of CW narrow linewidth lasers, tunable fs/ps Ti Sapphire laser system, pulsed-tunable mid-IR source, and terahertz laser light.
--M Squared is led by a core team with more than 100 years of combined industry experience and a track record of success in R&D and manufacturing. For our customers, choosing M Squared is about the assurance of partnering with a team that has been designing, building, and supporting a diverse range of award-winning lasers for applications worldwide for over twenty years. Our customers can choose an optimal solution from a large product portfolio or alternatively work with us to craft a bespoke design tailored to their needs. The two founders of M Squared Lasers, Dr Graeme Malcolm and Dr Gareth Maker, have worked together since 1992 and previously founded and grew another laser company: Microlase Optical Systems Ltd, Glasgow. The success of Microlase was driven by a portfolio of groundbreaking laser products and it resulted in acquisition in 1999 by Coherent, Inc (one of the world's largest laser companies). M Squared Lasers was formed in May 2006 when Dr Malcolm and Dr Maker recognized that new, emerging laser applications coupled with new technologies presented a timely opportunity to start a new journey. Bill Miller joined shortly after foundation in 2006 to take charge of electronic design. With a successful career as a chief engineer in such areas as computing and hi-fi manufacturing, Bill has made our range of lasers unmatched in electronic and signal processing performance. The goal of the leadership team is to see M Squared grow successfully fuelled by industry-best products that exceed customer expectations, a company culture that nurtures its employees, and the building of strong relationships with customers and partners.-- Link to the official website

*Optical Frequency Combs, Terahertz Systems, and Femtosecond Fiber Lasers.
--Menlo Systems was founded in 2001 by Professor Hansch, Dr. Ronald Holzwarth, Dr. Michael Mei, and Alex Cable as a spin-off from the renowned Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics around the optical frequency comb technology - a revolutionary and simple technique for measuring the frequency of light. This invention has been called "...the biggest advance in precision electromagnetic measurements since people began to measure laser frequencies in the seventies...". We are supporting our Asian customers by Menlo staff engineers that are located in the respective countries. Such, we can guarantee excellent technical support as well as excellent and in-time service. Regular in-house trainings in Germany make sure that knowledge transfer and quality transfer is given at any time. In 2015, with 90 employees in the second decade of its operation, Menlo Systems will continue to explore the ultraprecise and ultrafast world together with our customers. We will do our best to deliver products Made in Germany that fulfill highest standards in quality and reliability.-- Link to the official website

*Diode and fiber OEM, diode laser, fiber laser, fiber based ps laser, laser scanner module.
-- nLIGHT is a vertically integrated supplier of high-performance lasers that enable innovation in materials processing, defense, and medical applications. nLIGHT develops and manufactures direct diode and fiber lasers based on industry-leading semiconductor laser and optical fiber technology. nLIGHT is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington with additional sites in North America, Europe, and Asia. We're committed to working together to deliver breakthrough solutions that help innovate and grow our customers' needs.-- Link to the official website

*Ultrafast OPOs, ultrafast harmonic generators, laser beam stabiliser, spectrometer, and power meter.
--Radiantis is a specialist manufacturer of both, advanced frequency conversion systems for laser tuning and instrumentation for optical diagnostics. The Company focuses on compact, fully-automated and reliable products including optical parametric oscillators (OPOs), harmonic generators, spectrometers, optical power meters, laser beam stabilisers and autocorrelators for the scientific and OEM markets. Radiantis' technical capability regarding frequency conversion systems expands across the CW, pulsed and ultrafast time-scales, and its current product portfolio includes femtosecond and picosecond instruments with high conversion efficiencies at MHz repetition rates covering a broad spectral range from 200 to 4000 nm. Radiantis'expertise in optical instrumentation covers a range of off-the-shelve and custom-made spectrometers for the UV, visible and IR spectral ranges, high dynamic-range optical power meters, laser beam stabilisers and autocorrelators for femtosecond and picosecond pulses. Radiantis was established in 2005 with the goal of enriching the photonics market with state-of-the-art, robust, easy-to-use frequency conversion systems and diagnostic instrumentation. Today, the Company strives at providing optimum products and service to its OEM customers of industrial diagnostic applications. Radiantis is also well integrated in the academic and research community and has a broad worldwide network of satisfied scientists utilising its advanced products across the US, Europe and Asia. Devoted to achieving maximum customer satisfaction, the Company endows its team with top talents that constantly strive to develop the most innovative, cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions providing the best possible performance to meet the challenges faced by customers. To ensure on-time delivery of product quality and reliability, Radiantis designs and develops its state-of-the-art systems in brand new well-equipped premises, following the highest standards of manufacturing and quality control.-- Link to the official website

*Fiber cleaving, splicing, and re-coating equipments.
--Vytran offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of precision fiber splicing and glass processing equipment for use in R&D and manufacturing settings. Vytran's current product portfolio includes fully integrated workstation and individual tools for every process step from fiber stripping to proof testing. For added efficiency and versatility, all of our products use the same fiber holding blocks, so operators can easily transfer a fiber from one process step to the next without sacrificing time or compromising precise fiber positioning.-- Link to the official website

*Laser solution and sample test.
--At Workshop of Photonics we create instruments and solutions for laser micromachining tasks. We address the needs of both industrial and academic customers. Since 2003 we have been carrying out extensive research in the field of femtosecond laser micromachining. By now we have gained significant knowledge in developing of laser micromachining workstations and optimizing femtosecond laser processes for unique tasks. Our growth is fueled by culture of open innovation and partnership with the local laser sector companies and worldwide partners. Workshop of Photonics is constantly involved in projects connecting scientific inventions with the market needs.-- Link to the official website

EdgeWave is a highly innovative provider of high-end laser beam sources. The Aachen- based company was the pioneer in the conception of InnoSlab technology and now leads the international field in this new area of technology. InnoSlab lasers count among today’s most efficient production tools, with a unique combination of high power output, high pulse frequencies, beam quality, scalability in power and energy and tailorable beam profiles. They allow users to improve existing manufacturing processes and extend them to new types of products.
The range of services offered by EdgeWave includes the development, manufacture and marketing of solid-state lasers and peripheral components, together with consulting on the application and integration of such sources. As an internationally oriented company, EdgeWave maintains close ties with a network of experienced laser users and component manufacturers who rely on the latest in advanced technology.
EdgeWave supplies its products to system manufacturers and engineering companies and to end users who need application-specific, tailor-made laser solutions. Users of InnoSlab technology can be found in many branches of industry, including photovoltaic, glass, ceramics, semiconductor, car manufacturing, tool- and die making, cabinet making, micromachining, medical engineering and analytical tools and in scientific society. Link to the official website

Optec is a world class leader in the design & build of state-of-the-art laser micromachining tools. We cover the range from small R&D systems to industrial production equipment, laser wavelengths from 193nm to 10.6µm, part size from sub-mm to m²

We supply a wide range of both standard & made-to-measure systems. All design & build is in-house in our purpose built factory in Frameries, Belgium where a dedicated team provides a one-stop solution from sample testing in our applications lab through /process development & design of an efficient laser tool integrating laser, beam delivery, part handling, vision, process control & test/inspection. Link to the official website

LUXMUX is dedication to pioneering new innovations in light technology. At Luxmux we strive to design, manufacture, and deliver cutting-edge photonic solutions. Our goal is to transform laboratory-grade products into small, cost-effective solutions that can be utilized in the market without sacrificing quality or performance. Based in Calgary, AB, Canada, we continuously work towards new solutions and products to meet market needs. At Luxmux we use only the highest-quality components, manufactured consistently to our stringent specifications. After assembly, we test each system in-house before it is carefully packaged and shipped to customers. We ensure our customers receive well-built, and thoroughly-inspected products. Link to the official website

NUBURU® is leading the transformation to a world of high-speed, high quality metal machining and processing using a first-to-market class of high-power, high-performance blue lasers.

NUBURU® blue laser technology breaks new ground—available as either a standard AO™ laser or high-brightness MISAKI™ laser—by enabling radical gains in speed and quality in existing metal processes, as well as also unlocking a path to new designs for both conventional laser-metal machining and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Spatter-free copper welding enables a large number of new applications not addressable with infrared lasers. Link to the official website

Founded in 2000, nLIGHT is a leader in the development, design and production of innovative laser technologies and products.

Our high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers are not only changing the way things are made but also changing the things that can be made. Strong vertical integration enables us to rapidly introduce new products for a range of markets including industrial, microfabrication, aerospace and defense.

nLIGHT’s semiconductor lasers are the industry’s brightest and operate at unique wavelengths and power combinations. Our high-power continuous wave fiber lasers provide significant advantages over legacy fiber lasers for programmability, serviceability and reliability. We engage with customers early in the design cycle and use a platform approach to product development to optimize semiconductor and fiber laser solutions to meet customer requirements. Link to the official website